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About Us

Weightlifting is often associated with those who work as bodybuilders. But now, with increasing public awareness to live healthily and have a fit body, more and more people are interested in lifting weights. Are you one of them? I am one of them. And on this website, I will give you various reasons why I am interested in this sport and why you also need to be interested in weightlifting program.

I have a lot of articles that will be useful for you starting from the techniques you do when lifting weights, the warm-up you need to do before starting weightlifting, the mistakes you need to avoid, the benefits of weightlifting to some tips for you.

I have done various research and have also tried the things that I write in articles on this website. So, if you are looking for info about weightlifting, you are at the right website.

However, I never close my eyes and ears to criticism and suggestions from readers. For that, you can leave comments, share knowledge, or ask me to do research on things related to weightlifting and I will be happy to accept it.