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Benefits Of Weightlifting Training [English version]

The weightlifting program is well known by the public to improve muscle strength and shape. This sport, which was originally considered a sport for men, is now being practiced by women. Weightlifting has a variety of health benefits. Not only to increase muscle strength, but weightlifting program can also help you lose weight and form the ideal body you dream of!

The most popular weight lifting exercises are to tone the arm muscles and give a man a macho look. However, this exercise not only builds muscle but can also be useful for the health of men and women.

Strengthens muscles
Strengthening and increasing muscle size is a popular benefit of weightlifting. When doing this exercise, you will find it easier to do various other things. In addition, your body shape will also look more attractive.

Reduce fat
Who says lifting weights can’t be a way to lose weight. In fact, this exercise helps burn calories in the body. In fact, the body will continue to burn calories after lifting weights. Increasing muscle mass also increases the body’s capacity to burn the calories consumed.

Increase self-confidence
When you lift weights, you also increase your confidence! Weightlifting helps reduce anxiety and depression symptoms and makes you happier. You will feel better after doing this exercise.

Develops the brain
Weightlifting not only focuses on the muscles of the body but can also improve brain function by triggering blood circulation and the production of hormones that help improve brain performance, such as the IGF-1 hormone.

Prevent osteoporosis
In addition to training muscle strength, lifting weights also helps reduce the decreased bone mass that can lead to osteoporosis, especially in women.

Reduces diabetes risk
Lifting weights can be one of the sports options that are cultivated to maintain blood sugar levels in the body. In fact, diabetics can also make this their choice of exercise.

Increase body resistance
Apart from being used as muscle strength-enhancing exercises, weight lifting is also one of the exercises to increase endurance. When doing this sport, you need to increase the weight that can increase endurance.

Prevent the loss of muscle mass
As you get older, you will lose three to eight percent muscle mass per 10 years. Weight lifting can help prevent muscle mass loss and strengthen your bones in old age.

Maintain heart health
Apart from maintaining muscle mass, lifting weights also helps protect the heart organ by lowering blood pressure and improving blood circulation.

Prevent injury
When you do weight training, you also strengthen your bones and body tissues. This can reduce your chances of getting injured. This exercise can also reduce back pain and arthritis.

Facilitate body movement
Through weight training, you can move your muscles accordingly and efficiently. This exercise is very helpful so that the limbs can move regularly without giving certain to certain body parts.

Improve balance
Strengthening muscles due to weight training has an impact on your balance. Your muscles will get better at maintaining balance and will make you stronger and less prone to falling.

The most important thing before doing weight training is to find a gym that suits you. Find out whether the gym you choose has complete facilities, a program that suits you, and a professional trainer. Furthermore, you must know what tools are used when lifting weights. Dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells are three types of tools that are often used when lifting weights.

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