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Develop A Weightlifting Exercise Schedule

Do a weightlifting program with a variety of movements. You haven’t been training with weights properly if for 1 week you only bench press. Make a workout schedule for 1 week and arrange the best possible sequence of movements so that you can train a different muscle every day of the week. Schedule a different muscle group every day and use the correct muscle strengthening techniques. Make a training schedule according to the following example:

Monday       : Pectoral muscle
Tuesday       : Leg muscles
Wednesday : Aerobics and running
Thursday     : Chest and back muscles
Friday          : Stomach muscles
Weekends   : Rest

Increase the weight of the load little by little according to ability. The load will feel lighter if you practice regularly with the right technique. This happens because the muscles are getting stronger and experiencing formation. Bodybuilders use the term “plateau” for this condition as an indication that the weight needs to be added and the exercise routine needs to be changed so that the muscles don’t shrink back. To determine the added weight, make sure that you are still training according to your ability, but the weight is still heavy enough to make the last few moves more challenging. Find the most appropriate weight, that is, when muscle strength is at the end of its ability, but not overexerting yourself.

Perform the high-intensity exercise by changing the duration of the rest time. To make your workout more varied by incorporating aerobic exercise in your schedule, shorten your rest duration before starting the next set. If you usually rest for 1 minute when working your arm muscles, reduce this to 15-30 seconds. See if the exercise feels heavier because of the changes. Try to be aware of any physical responses that come up and don’t push yourself. If you go straight to the next set when you are tired, the risk of mistakes and injury will increase. Practice carefully according to your ability.

Many bodybuilders think that 3 times a day weight training is the fastest way to increase strength and build muscle. However, overtraining can cause injury, leaving you unable to train properly for several weeks, even months. Instead of exercising as often as possible, your muscles will build faster if you train a few times a week with the right technique.

Heat the body after cooling down so that the muscles don’t feel sore. After practicing, get used to showering or soaking in warm water. Many people take a steam bath (sauna) after exercise to keep their muscles warm and naturally cool down. Your muscles will hurt less if you take good care of them after exercise.

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