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How To Properly Do Weightlifting

We need to understand the correct technique for weightlifting program in order to move heavy objects safely. Lifting weights properly means practicing with the correct posture and movements, doing maximum reps, moving slowly and in a controlled manner to stay safe. By training with weights, you can strengthen your core and other muscles in no time using good and correct techniques.

To be ready to lift heavy weights, you must prepare yourself physically by increasing the intake of oxygen into the bloodstream and flexing the muscles throughout the body. Warm-up exercises are needed to build muscle and prevent injury. Start practicing with a few sets of 10 push-ups and sit-ups each. If you are used to it, increase the number of movements to 50 times gradually.

You need to do dynamic stretches while in motion, not static stretches are done while still in place. Studies show that dynamic stretching can increase the muscle strength required during exercise and reduce the risk of injury, whereas static stretching before training weakens muscles. An example of dynamic stretching is the rotating motion of the arm. Turning your arms up and down with as wide a range of motion as possible will stretch the deltoid muscles in your shoulders. This movement is very useful if done before training to strengthen the shoulder muscles (shoulder press).

Choose the right weight. Make sure you are still able to lift the heaviest weight until the final movement for the number of reps you want. Prioritize achieving your targeted reps, instead of sacrificing more than 3 moves just wanting to show off the ability to lift heavier weights. This is what’s called the ego-beating culture at the gym. Recognize that being able to limit yourself to lifting weights that are too heavy is a skill in itself. Your progress will be faster if you train using weights that you can afford and do targeted reps as this shows how well your muscles are adapting. Decide how many reps of the movement you want to do and work your way up to it. Different targets require different amounts of movement.

Set the tempo of the move. Decide how many repetitions of the movement you want to do. Different objectives require different moving paces. To strengthen muscles, the concentric phase (muscle contraction) should be performed with explosive movements and performed within 1 second, while the eccentric phase (muscle lengthening) should be performed in slow motion for about 3 seconds. To enlarge a muscle, it takes 3 seconds concentric and 3 seconds eccentric. The longer the muscle is contracted, the more muscle fibers are broken. This is what is needed so that the muscles can enlarge. To increase muscle endurance, do the movement faster, about 1 second concentric and 1 second eccentric.

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