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Weightlifting Training Tips For Beginners

If you are looking for an effective exercise to shape your body, lifting weights is the answer. This sport is very good for building muscle, building strong bones, and increasing metabolism and energy. Even though lifting weights is mostly done by men, that doesn’t mean you women can’t do it. For those of you who are trying this sport for the first time, you should pay attention to the following weightlifting program tips for beginners.

Because lifting weights is a sport that is quite difficult and has a high risk of injury, you are advised to be careful and if possible, ask an experienced sports instructor to assist you. For beginners, practice using a machine first. When you start training using free weights like dumbbells or barbells, you will feel pressure on your joints and lose the core balance that supports your entire body, so you are at high risk of getting injured the first time you try it.

Exercise Three Times a Week
To build body strength from scratch, practice regularly at least three times a week. Better yet, if the exercises are carried out at intermittent intervals. You can schedule weight training every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example, or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. In this way, you can increase your body’s metabolism more effectively than if you exercise three days in a row. In addition, the time lag is necessary so that the body can recover after exercising.

Define the Repetition
Weight lifting needs to be done repeatedly so that you can get the desired results. Exercise repetitions can be adjusted according to your goal of exercising. If you are training to lift weights just to stay healthy, do 8-12 reps until you feel tired. To improve your fitness, do two sets of 8-12 reps. However, give a pause of time from the first set to the second set for 30-90 seconds to rest.

Determine the Duration
Normally, the duration for lifting weights is 20 minutes per session with the target of building two muscles. For example, if you want to shape your chest and legs, you can do two movements such as bench press and then continue with barbell lunges. This two-motion exercise is intended to move one muscle while the other is resting. Do three variations of the movement for each muscle group with 15 repetitions.

Develop an Exercise Program
The weight training you should include exercises for all your body muscles every week. So, arrange an exercise program that you will run. For example, Monday is the time to do movements that work your chest, legs, and stomach muscles. Wednesday to tone your back, triceps and lower back muscles. Friday, focus on exercises on the shoulders, biceps, and calves.

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